Crash Notes A Guide on What to Do After a Serious Accident

Being involved in a serious accident can be extremely harrowing and in some cases, even life-threatening. While it’s imperative to ensure that everyone involved in an accident is okay and does not require immediate medical attention, there are also a few crash notes to keep in mind, regardless of who is found at fault for the accident itself. When you are familiar with common crash notes to remember after a serious accident, it will be much easier for you to protect yourself as best as possible, whether you are the cause of the accident or if you are seeking financial compensation for any damages or injuries your vehicle or you have sustained.

1. Assess the Scene of the Accident for Injuries

One of the most vital crash notes to keep in mind after a serious accident is to assess the scene for potential injuries, some of which may be life-threatening, depending on the severity of the collision. Ensuring that all passengers who were involved in the accident are okay and do not require immediate medical assistance can also help ease your mind as you work through the assessment of the rest of the scene. If anyone is seriously hurt or dealing with life-threatening injuries, the first step you will need to take is to call 911 and wait for emergency medical personnel to arrive on the scene.

After you have determined that those on the scene of the accident are okay and not at risk with life-threatening injuries, you may want to contact or research a car accident attorney. While this step can be taken later on after leaving the scene of the accident, if you already have a lawyer on retainer, it may be ideal to let them know your current situation. Contacting legal representation as quickly as possible after you’re involved in a serious auto accident can help facilitate the proper paperwork, filings, and insurance documentation that may be necessary for your case.

2. Call for Medical Attention

Anytime you are involved in an accident you should call for medical attention immediately. One of the most imperative crash notes to remember after assessing a scene is to call for an ambulance even if you do not believe there are any life-threatening injuries that require attention. Calling for medical attention is a way to ensure that all passengers at the scene of the accident are tended to properly before getting back on the road or going home.

Why Calling for Medical Attention is Important

Calling the local emergency medical department or 911 is essential after any accident, as EMTs specialize in assisting car accident victims, especially if they may not realize that they are currently seriously injured. In some cases, you may not be aware of the extent of your injuries that have been caused by a collision or even blunt force trauma. Working with EMTs and other medical personnel will ensure that all parties who were involved in the accident do not require an ambulance or a trip to the local ER.

3. Call the Police

When it comes to crash notes, calling the police should always remain a top priority, regardless of the size of the accident you’re involved in and who you believe is at fault. Requesting a police office to the scene of any accident is imperative, so you can follow through with filing a proper and official police report. Filing a police report is a way to ensure you have a paper trail that is linked to your accident if you intend to file an insurance claim or if you believe you are also entitled to any damages or compensation due to the surrounding circumstances of the accident itself.

The Importance of Calling the Police After a Serious Accident

Not only is it advisable to call the police to file an official police report after you’ve been involved in an accident, but in many cases, it’s also the law. Abiding by the law and calling the police after an auto accident may reduce any charges you are facing if you are found at fault for the accident once the preliminary investigation is complete. When filing a police report, you will also have the opportunity to tell your own side of the story while attempting to provide evidence that rules in your favor, especially if you do not believe you were at fault for the collision.

4. Collect Eyewitness Statements

If you are serious about crash notes, you should also take the time to collect eyewitness statements from those who may have been at the scene of the accident when it occurred. If you are thinking of requesting eyewitness statements from individuals and business owners in the local area, you should do so only once you have ensured that all passengers involved in the accident have received appropriate medical treatment and that you have already called the police and filed your official report.

Once you have verified that everyone at the scene of the accident does not have any life-threatening injuries and the police are at the scene as well, you can then begin requesting eyewitness statements, reports, and even videos. Asking business owners for CCTV footage is another way to prove your innocence if you do not believe you were at fault for the accident you were involved in. Some drivers and nearby residents may also own dashcams in their vehicles or cameras attached to their home, which can help provide evidence regarding who is at fault for the accident or collision.

5. Take Photographic and Video Evidence

When it comes to crash notes to prioritize, taking photographic and video evidence is extremely important. In some cases, photographic and video evidence can mean the difference between proving your case and being rejected when filing a claim with your auto insurance provider. After you have determined that everyone involved in the accident does not have life-threatening injuries, you can begin taking photos and videos of your surroundings.

When taking photographic and video evidence, be sure to do so with the use of a high-quality camera or smartphone, if you have one available. You can also request that the local police department take photos of the accident if you intend to file an insurance claim or if you believe you may be entitled to compensation in any capacity. Requesting videos from local stores with CCTV cameras may also be an option, depending on where the crash occurred and which cameras are available in the nearby vicinity.

6. Find a Local Towing Company

Whether you’re in need of a junk my car service or if you are searching for towing after an accident, you will need to know who to contact in your time of need. Finding a local towing company is possible by asking the local police department for their suggestions and also by researching towing providers and companies near you online with the use of your smartphone. Researching towing companies individually will help you find a provider that is not only affordable, but one that is trustworthy and reliable. Read reviews from past customers of each towing company you are interested in contacting to ensure you make the right decision.

7. Locate an Auto Body Repair Shop

After a serious accident, you will more than likely require a visit to an auto body shop for local dent repair services, exhaust services, or the complete replacement of parts. In order to ensure the best outcome possible, you will need to locate an auto body repair shop you can trust. Finding the right mechanic or local auto body shop is possible by asking those you know and trust for referrals and recommendations. If you want to expand your options, however, you can also compare nearby auto shops and independent mechanics online.

Tips for Finding an Auto Body Shop Online

Searching for an auto body shop after an accident is typically a time-sensitive matter, which is why browsing online for local shops and service providers can streamline the process. When using popular search engines, such as Google, to find a local auto body repair shop, you can quickly compare the location of the auto body repair shop and its hours of operation. This will help you determine if they are currently open for business and available to help with your vehicle’s necessary repairs or replacements.

When you are browsing the internet for an auto body shop near you, it’s much easier to read reviews from past clients to find a suitable choice that is professional and reputable. Browse portfolios and the online presence of auto shops to find a mechanic who appears professional and reliable. Ask others you know who have experienced car trouble for their recommendations when you are comparing multiple local auto shops.

8. Contact Your Insurance Company

If you want to ensure you are paying attention to all important crash notes, you will need to contact your insurance company as soon as possible after being involved in an auto accident. Whether you are filing an insurance claim for body repairs, metal fabrication needs, or because your vehicle was totaled in your recent accident, you will need to contact your auto insurance provider immediately after any type of accident, big or small. Contacting your insurance company after an accident will also ensure that your claim has been filed in a timely manner, which can prevent hiccups or the inability to seek compensation in the future if you choose not to file a claim after an accident.

Benefits of Contacting Your Insurance Company After an Accident

Not only is it important to contact your insurance agency after an accident for legal purposes, but it will also streamline the process of managing the accident, regardless of who is at fault. The faster you file a claim with your auto insurance agency, the faster you will be able to remedy the situation. In some cases, it is also required by law to file a claim with your insurance agency if you currently have insurance after an auto accident.

9. Contact an Attorney

After an auto accident, you may need to contact and retain a personal injury or in some cases, even a workers compensation lawyer, depending on the circumstances that surround the accident you were involved in. Contacting an attorney and retaining legal representation as quickly as possible is advisable to protect yourself legally and financially. Even if you are found to be at-fault for an accident you were in, retaining a lawyer is a way to ensure you are taking the necessary steps to avoid facing major financial or legal ramifications.

How to Find the Right Attorney

After being involved in a devastating accident, you are likely to feel stressed and emotionally overwhelmed. Knowing how to find the appropriate lawyer to represent you in a court of law can ensure you are able to maintain your peace of mind, even if you are at-fault for the accident. Finding an attorney that is right for you is possible by asking those you know and trust for referrals while also browsing online. When you are searching for an attorney online, compare cases, clients, and areas of expertise before requesting a consultation.

10. Pursue Financial Compensation if Necessary

Understanding the importance of crash notes is essential if you were injured in an accident and you believe you may be entitled to financial compensation. From working with an accountant and car accident attorney to hiring a debt relief lawyer, there are different options and avenues to consider if you are going the route of pursuing financial compensation. Anytime you believe you may be entitled to financial compensation, it’s highly advisable to request a consultation with an attorney who specializes in representing victims of automobile accidents.

Knowing which crash notes to remember after you’re involved in a serious accident can mean the difference between receiving the compensation you deserve and being fined or losing your license. Regardless of the circumstances surrounding the accident you were recently in, understanding various crash notes to keep in mind will help guide you through the recovery process as you work toward getting your life back on track. When you know how to approach and handle the scene of an auto accident, you can do so properly knowing you are protecting yourself as best as possible.

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