Your Guide to Criminal Defense Lawyers

Were you charged with a criminal offense? As an experienced criminal defense lawyer, Kruse Law breaks down his role as a criminal lawyer and how he protects the rights of the accused. From the beginning of the criminal process until the end, your rights must remain protected. He makes sure of that!

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Criminal counsels are often vilified because they’re helping the guilty. Lawyers are bound by ethical rules and will protect people. With that said, most criminal cases get resolved, so the criminal lawyer reviews the disclosure to:

  • See if there are defendable issues
  • Speak with the client about their version of events
  • Determine the odds of winning

Unfortunately, the chances of winning criminal cases are low. Because of that, a criminal defense lawyer negotiates and finds the appropriate sentence. You know you have an excellent lawyer because they will discuss the counts you plead guilty to, find an appropriate sentence, and work to get the court’s approval.

Need more legal resources or want to learn more about facing criminal charges? Be sure to check out our resources and blog posts! It’s our goal to provide the necessary information to help you make the right decision. Feel free to reach out to us with any questions.


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