Second Accident with the Same Insurance? Car Accident Post-Care and Tips

According to recent data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), 42,795 people die from car accidents. If you’re a lucky survivor of the same insurance car accident, the experience may have shaken you up. While it’s possible not to experience severe injuries, don’t “shake it off” and return to your everyday life without focusing on recovery. 

It may take days or weeks to notice the signs of internal injuries. By seeking an immediate examination from a professional doctor, you’ll know the extent of your injuries and the steps to take for quick recovery. In most cases, post-care recovery plans may include going for physical therapy sessions and performing specific light exercise routines.

In addition to that, you should work with a knowledgeable car accident lawyer to help you in the recovery process. Their help will ensure you receive the right compensation for your medical bills and damaged car. This guide will explore in-depth car accident post-care & tips for a smooth recovery journey.

Tow Your Vehicle

While your car may be drivable after an accident, don’t use it in such a condition as it poses significant safety issues. You should call a tow truck service to help you take it to the auto repair shop. In some cases, the onsite police officer may request for towing. This is the case if they determine that your vehicle poses a danger to other motorists or is a total loss. 

Your insurance company will cover the towing costs if you’re responsible for the accident. However, you can only receive such compensation if you’ve included roadside assistance in your policy. Sometimes, you may have to pay a deductible and receive reimbursement later, or the insurer will pay all the cost upfront. 

It’s also crucial to carefully review your insurance policy, as some insurers usually include towing after an accident in their collision insurance policy. If this is the case, they’ll have their preferred towing company, which you should use to tow your vehicle.

Get Checked Out 

Following the same insurance car accident, seek immediate medical help. Some car accident injuries may not manifest immediately, so it could be days before you notice the signs. Getting checked out as quickly as possible helps you know the extent of injuries and the right treatment option. For instance, injuries like whiplash and broken legs may cause long-term pain if you aren’t properly treated. So, after examination by a primary care physician, they may refer you to top-rated pain centers for treatment.

You should follow the medical direction your pain specialist provides for quick recovery. Besides medication, they may schedule physical therapy sessions. Attending such appointments will help your doctor assess your progress and adjust the treatment if necessary. The other thing to note is that injuries resulting from car accidents are included in auto insurance claim. So, failing to document them as soon as possible may cause you to lose the compensation you deserve. 

Obtain a Rental

Repairing high-end cars like BMW can be very costly. Therefore, if you have such a car and it experiences extensive damage, it could be weeks before it’s back on the road. Luckily, you can contact your insurance company to help you get a rental car while the BMW shop completes repairs. 

However, you can only enjoy such a benefit if your auto insurance covers rental reimbursement. This coverage has a per-day limit for a specific period, and you’ll have to front the additional charges if you surpass the specified limit before repairs are complete. 

The at-fault party will cover your rental costs if you’re not responsible for the same insurance car accident. A downside in such cases is that it takes time to make the payments as insurance adjusters from both parties must investigate the claim. So, consider paying for the rental car out of pocket and follow up with the at-fault party later.

Find Your Mechanic

Whether your vehicle experienced minor or extensive damage after the same insurance car accident, timely repairs are important. While this is the case, you should use the help of an experienced auto repair expert. Sometimes, knowing how to tell the right person for the job can be challenging, especially if you’re a first-time car owner. 

Online reviews are an excellent starting point. If you find the right professional, visit their physical location. While on-site, the first thing to check is whether they have professional certification on display. If so, you can quickly tell their level of training, which should give you a good idea of their skills. You should use the help of experts with expertise in fixing different car models, including Volvo car repairs.

Another thing to remember is that while insurance companies will pay for damages to your vehicle after an accident, the overall cost should be reasonable. So, when finding a mechanic, choose those that offer reasonable prices. This means that you should avoid auto repair shops in upscale localities. 

Get an Estimate

Vehicle collision estimates after the same insurance car accident is necessary. Such estimates help to break down all the necessary repairs and their cost. Sometimes, your insurance company may provide you with a list of collision repair experts you can work with, but you don’t have to use them. You can always do your research and find qualified professionals who can inspect your car and provide accurate repair costs. 

Once you find the right expert, call them and book an appointment. Depending on your vehicle damage, you should expect the inspection and estimation to take a few minutes to a few hours. Once this is done, you’ll receive a written estimate with a breakdown of repairs to your car and associated costs like labor and parts. It will also include a total estimate and summary stating that the price won’t exceed by a specific percentage without your approval. 

Many reputable repair specialists will spare time to guide you on the estimate and answer any questions you may have. This helps you and your insurer know what to expect and makes the repair process smooth and efficient. 

Repair Inside and Out

After the same insurance car accident, professional repairs inside and out of your vehicle will help improve your safety while driving. While your vehicle may seem to be running fine, some internal components could be damaged. So, if you don’t take quick action, you may end up dealing with costly repairs. For instance, missing hydraulics problems like fluid leaks can cause extensive damage to the suspension system. This damage isn’t just costly to repair; it makes it difficult to control your vehicle at high speed. 

Moreover, you may not think it’s necessary to seek repairs after a bender fender resulting in bumper damage. However, leaving such damage unattended can result in rust that eventually affects the safety and function of your car. Your insurance company will also refuse to pay for damage that arises long after the accident. 

Fix Up the Aesthetics

Many vehicle owners overlook the overall aesthetics of a car after a crash. However, it plays a major role in improving your vehicle’s safety. So, if you experience minor dents after the same insurance car accident, ensure it’s fixed quickly by a knowledgeable professional. In most cases, your auto insurer will pay for the paintwork cost if you carry a collision insurance policy. 

With quality paintwork, you don’t have to worry about rust that will cause damage to your vehicle parts. If you spend a lot of time driving off-road, consider investing in license plate toppers to prevent the front plates from chips and dents that may cause them to become damaged. 

Another aesthetic component worth paying attention to is the cladding at the bottom of the vehicle that keeps out dirt and debris. If your vehicle had this cladding before the accident, ensure that you replace it. The air that blows under your car at high speed can create a lift effect, resulting in acceleration issues. 

Check All Car Systems

After a crash, work with a reputable auto repair professional to check the condition of all your car systems. An excellent starting point would be the vehicle braking system. The ability of the vehicle to stop or slow down plays a major role in preventing accidents. So, while performing your inspection, they should check the brake pads and rotors, flush the brake fluids and replace worn-out brake pads. 

The car AC is another important system that ensures the vehicle remains cool and comfortable. If they determine that it’s not operating as it should, they should perform timely air conditioner repairs. An AC failure significantly impacts your vehicle’s operation, with the major concern being increased fuel consumption. Also, failing to address minor issues like blockages can lead to huge repair costs in the future. 

Professional vehicle technicians will also check for defects along the exhaust system. This car system features channels of pipes that expels gases generated during the combustion cycle. Ensuring the exhaust system is in great condition prevents toxic gases from entering the passenger cabin, causing health complications. A well-maintained exhaust system also greatly improves the vehicle’s fuel efficiency. 

Contact Legal Aid

The trauma following a car accident is immense, but the help of the same insurance car accident lawyer helps in your recovery process. Evidence collection is a key aspect in determining liability after a collision, and this is where a lawyer’s help comes in handy. Your lawyer will help you collect important evidence like witness names, take accident photos, and find surveillance footage from nearby buildings.

Experienced attorneys also have plenty of resources to help you build a strong case. For instance, they work with accident reconstruction professionals to help recreate the accident scene. They also use the services of medical experts to help validate the seriousness of your injuries. Additionally, attorneys know claim denial tactics used by insurers, and they’ll fight to ensure you receive the compensation you need. 

Additionally, if your injuries have put you out of work and you were recently divorced, it can be difficult to pay for child support. You can depend on your attorney to work closely with a family lawyer to find the right solution based on your condition. 

Look After Yourself

Proper aftercare ensures quick recovery after the same insurance car accident. The first thing you should do is to stay hydrated throughout your recovery. Essentially, drink a lot of water and incorporate a lot of vitamin C into your diet as they help to neutralize radicals that lead to inflammation.

Additionally, it’s common for your muscles and back to feel sore after a collision. Icing the injured or sore areas can help to manage pain and inflammation, especially two to three days after your accident.

Another effective way to care for yourself after an accident is by considering massage therapy. This method offers many health benefits, including improving blood circulation in injured areas and reducing muscle spasms. Of course, you should use the help of a massage therapist to guide you on the approach that will guarantee effective results. 

Still, it’s advisable not to lift heavy objects. Doing so puts a lot of strain on your back and neck, slowing your recovery. During your recovery, focus on wearing comfortable shoes. Admittedly, cowboy boots and heels are fashionable but don’t provide adequate support. 

Final Thoughts

Car accident recovery is a slow and long process, so you should follow the doctor’s orders for quick recovery. This may involve taking time off from work and doing light exercises. Undoubtedly, the same insurance car accident is a traumatic experience, and after a crash, you need a lawyer to help you recover. Such professionals are a valuable asset as they’ll collect important evidence to help you build a strong case. 

You should also know that many insurers will try to offer significantly lower premiums than you deserve. However, you can count on your lawyer to help fight for your rightful compensation. They’ll also work with your insurance to ensure that your damaged vehicle gets back on the road. 

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