What Accident Lawyers Arent Telling You About Car Accident Claims

According to Justin Ziegler, in most cases of car accident settlements, people who get these settlements get it from the insurance company of the other driver. Accident lawyers often work with these companies to try to get the largest settlement possible for their clients. Claims get reported to the other driver’s company either by that driver or by you and your lawyers reporting it to the insurance company and seeking a settlement.

The insurance company will need to know a number of things from your lawyers, including how the accident happened and how much damage and injury there was as a result of it.

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This tells them which insurance adjusters will need to get the claim. The insurance company will then investigate the claim. Some accident victims assume that because there is a claim number assigned, they will get paid. This is not the case.

After a claim number is assigned, many things have to happen before your accident lawyers will know whether the company will pay for the accident. They need to check for coverage and make sure the accident isn’t excluded from that coverage. The insurance company has to clear coverage so that you can be paid for the property damage and/or bodily injury that resulted from the accident.

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